Conference Day 1

9:00 am Registration, Coffee and Networking

9:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Understanding the Route to Approval for Non-Transparent ETFs

9:45 am Navigating the Approval Process to Deliver a Proprietary ETF Structure


• Hear a case study from Fidelity Investments on their recently approved
non-transparent wrapper
• Understand the regulatory approval process to help launch your
proprietary ETF
• Learn how deliver a non-transparent ETF to market and secure investor

10:30 am Morning Coffee and Speed Networking

How to Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Non-Transparency

11:15 am PANEL: How to Secure Investment for Non-Transparent Wrappers


• Hear from a panel of investors on how to communicate effectively to
secure investment for your active ETF
• Learn how RIAs and Investors view the new wrappers to optimize your
product development strategy
• Hear how you can work with investors to ensure active ETFs are part of
their forward investment strategy

12:00 pm PANEL: Active Transparent vs Non-Transparent Active


• Hear from product development experts who can guide your strategy in
selecting the right product
• Learn how to implement active management strategies across multiple
product wrappers to increase your portfolio diversity
• Use case study examples to effectively pivot and deploy your product

1:00 pm Lunch

Creating an Effective Governance Structure to Manage your ETF

2:00 pm How to Work with an Authorized Participant to Enable an ANT ETF

  • Frank Koudelka Senior Vice President and Global ETF Product Specialist, State Street


• Learn how to work with an authorized participant to effectively manage
your ETF
• Use case study learnings to optimize the partnership process
• Get updates on reporting structures to allow your ETF to run seamlessly

2:50 pm Enabling Market Makers to Work with a Non-Transparent ETF


• Understand how to manage spread visibility to correctly price your ETF
• Learn how to incentivize market makers to maintain ETF liquidity
• Use insights from Market Makers to tailor your product development
strategy and maintain tight product spread

3:30 pm Afternoon Coffee & Networking Break

4:00 pm PANEL: Accurately Quoting a Non-Transparent ETF

  • Ronald Sutedja Senior Quantitative Strategist, UBS
  • Nicholas Elward Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development and ETFs, Natixis Investment Managers


• Work with market makers to improve daily quote accuracy
• Understand how to reconcile daily holdings with quarterly releases to
ensure ETF stability
• Learn how to implement accurate reporting mechanisms to ensure
visibility with investors

4:30 pm Protecting your ETF Against Front Running


• Learn how to structure your ETF to ensure you can get the best unit
• Implement arbitrage systems which can minimize the risk of front running
to improve investor returns
• Creating internal and AP structures which eradicate the possibility of
front running to protect your investors

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:40 pm End of Day 1