Conference Day 2

8:30 am Registration, Coffee and Networking

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Implementing Active ETFs Across Multiple Asset Classes

9:10 am PANEL: Optimizing Active ETFs Development Across Product Classes

  • Gabriel Burstein Head of Cryptocurrency Indices and Index Funds Investment Strategy, KryptoIndex
  • John Hyland, CFA ETF Pioneer , Mutual Fund Board Director
  • Gaurav Sinha Asset Allocation Strategist, Wisdom Tree Asset Management


• Develop a balanced ETF portfolio within active ETF geographical
• Integrate alternative hedging strategies enabled by non-transparent ETFs
• Learn how to improve ETF liquidity through balancing multiple asset

9:50 am Developing an Equity Led Active Non-Transparent ETF

  • Leo Hmelnitsky Global Head of Equity Trading, Mellon Capital Management


• Learn how to optimize your ANT ETF for an equity led strategy to deliver
investor returns
• Diversify your active ETF strategy to upweight emerging equities for
potentially exponential returns
• Fully utilize active ETFs to increase returns over and above passive index

10:30 am The Next Generation of Smart-beta ETFs


• Combine system-led investing and investor expertise to develop the next
generation of smart beta ETFs
• Learn how Active ETFs can increase the importance of Factor-Based
investment strategies
• Understand how the frameworks are fundamentally different to allow for
increased investor flexibility

Innovating & Emerging ETFs

11:00 am Coffee and Tea

11:30 am How Emerging Managers can Optimize Non-Transparent ETFs to Deliver Alpha

  • Gabriel Burstein Head of Cryptocurrency Indices and Index Funds Investment Strategy, KryptoIndex


• Structure your ETF to allow for emerging strategies to be successfully
• Integrate alternative assets into your ETF to achieve improved returns
• How to seek out improved returns by leveraging your non-transparent

12:15 pm Case Study: Integrating a Third-Party Wrapper


• Take the shortcut to achieving a non-transparent ETF by working with a
pre-approved provider
• Understand from early deployments the best way to optimize a third
party wrapper
• Hear how to protect your proprietary trading information in conjunction
with working with an outsourced wrapper

1:05 pm Lunch

Creating Internal Infrastructure to Support Active ETFs

2:05 pm Developing a Comprehensive Fee Structure for Active ETFs


• Create an effective pricing structure to incentivize investor inflows to
support your ETF
• Understand how to price and communicate your competitive advantage
vs passive traditional ETFs
• Successfully deliver Alpha to ensure investor returns whilst preserving the
cost effective structure of ETFs

2:45 pm PANEL: Market Validation so far on Active Non-Transparent ETF

  • Mike Castino Senior Vice President, Exchange Traded Products, U.S. Bank
  • Kyle DeTullio ETF Capital Markets Specialist, Natixis Investment Managers


• Hear feedback from existing non-transparent issuers to gauge investment
• Understand how issuer ‘teething problems’ have been overcome to
smooth your own journey to market
• Learn how to entire ETF landscape has been bolstered by increased
inflows and choice

3:25 pm Afternoon Coffee & Networking Break

3:55 pm Utilizing a Proxy Portfolio to Enable Non-Transparency

  • Gaurav Sinha Asset Allocation Strategist, Wisdom Tree Asset Management


• Learn how to develop a proxy portfolio to successfully execute trades to
realign your portfolio accurately
• Use your proxy to improve the accuracy of your net asset value
• Understand how to create multiple creation and redemption windows to
ensure portfolio liquidity

4:35 pm Audience Discussion: Can Active Non-Transparent ETFs Challenge Traditional ETF Dominance?


• Understand how a collegiate effort and industry means more choice for
• Get views on the long-term trend of active vs passive ETF
• Learn from other attendees how their strategies will evolve to
accommodate this new offering

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Main Conference